Sunday, 18 November 2007

Poor old foolish, feeble Gordon Brown - his short sighted, vengeful behaviour towards our foreign secretary - and the rest of labour for that matter.

I’m irritated at myself. I was too lazy to write about this when Gordon Brown first became Prime Minister, now it’s not exactly new news.
Poor old Gordon Brown, if it waasn’t for the fact that actually, he’s running Britain, not some small scale builders company, or a family owned corner shop, a person could possibly manage to feel sorry for him. But he is at the helm of a significant and (for good or for bad) dominant country. And the strategy employed in propelling the country forward? A deliberate and single minded diminishing of the Labour government, to the point of non existence in the mind of the average electorate.
It was irritating me no end during the summer that no one seemed to be picking up on this. The media, commentators and the average joe, everyone, seemed to fall for it. It was exactly the same with Alastair Campbell: ‘Isn’t he such a super alpha male’, ‘he’s soo fancy-able, all the women want him’ and all the rest of the ‘he’s so male I can hardly manage to contain myself around him’ ness - (and that was just the Richard Madeley’s of the journalistic world.).
There is nothing strong, dominant and male about these people. They are actually note worthily the opposite. What everyone falls for though is the superficial, bullish body language. That pitiful, wretched Alastair Campbell, the poor dear, it was painful to watch as he went from interview to interview promoting his book. With every new revelation a greater insight into exactly how hopeless and desperate a human being this person actually was. Seemingly spending most of his adult life at the mercy of an alcohol (and I’ve been around enough victims of long term cocaine use to recognise it’s obvious symptoms) addled mind. Desperately scratching about for somebody and preferably this someone would be a political male of a very high standing indeed, to present him with some answers about himself. The poor thing, he was so needy, he’d have took hints, at least, if that was the best that they could provide.
And Gordon Brown. He’s another one. Very different - it’s not about the amount of alcohol he’s destroyed his mind with. He doesn’t desperately need his little boy underlings ( the babyshambolic Balls, Brown’s identikit, mini-me Alexander and the infant of the brothers Miliband ) to bestow on him great, blistering insights into the Brown human condition - you know, something along the lines of:
Mate, I wouldn’t exactly describe you as un-fucked up.
But it is a very similar scenario.
During the summer we were constantly being told that Gordon the Great - here to save us, at last. Our warrior king, scarred and weary of battle - the Blair years dispensed with. here, eventually, we were being told, the great man himself, his immense, his immeasurable, vastly insurmountable strength of character, a commanding great leader, ready to cut a dominant swathe straight through the problems of the world. Showed us what he’d got -
That he’s more than capable of rocking up at the site of a flood scene and
speaking awkwardly to the firemen there.
But, and this is the big but, he did it bullishly and with the body language that only a man with not the slightest of empathic abilities can manage to.
And we all, (or should I say, not absolutely all, allow me to take the opportunity to brag that I happened to not be part of the alls.) Everybody:
‘he’s so strong’ ‘he’ll not be cowed by Bush’ ‘we can rely and trust in his great strong, manly self, in him’.
A fearless and dominant leader, here to save us all, eventually, at last.
We all fell for it!
This is about as far removed from the person that he actually is, about as far away as you can manage to get. He’s actually an unusually feeble man. Easily threatened and totally unable to deal with that. He just happened to manage to hide that from us with that, yes, quite male, bullish body language. But that is just the superficial, it is far from the person he actually is.
Just this week we had another reminder, another revelation about the feeble and foolish intellect driving forward our lives.
At a time when this country is at war in Iraq and Afghanistan and only days before our Foreign Secretary was due to fly out to the Middle East to meet with Palestinian and Israeli political leaders our Prime Minister deliberately belittled and attempted to humiliate him. Having had a copy of the speech our Foreign Secretary was due to give at Bruges for ten days he waited until after the media had been briefed about it’s content and only hours before the speech was due to be given did he demand huge chunks be removed. Now, I’m sure a person could say, well, this Foreign Secretary is this, he’s unable to convey gravitas, he seems so boyishly young, I’m not convinced of that. But, he IS Britain’s Foreign Secretary at a time of war and whether a person finds him appealing, unappealing, irritating or of yawn inducing inconsequence, never the less, he’s it. And Britain’s Foreign Secretary matters.
The recognition of this fact has yet to occur to our Prime Minister though. David Miliband poses a slight, insignificant and only potentially future threat. And so must be dealt with accordingly - by being diminished, belittled, humiliated and dishonoured.
This is the behaviour you’d expect of an out of favour teenage son left to run the corner shop while the grown ups take a family holiday. A short sighted, petulant, devious, underhand and foolish act. And it’s not the first.
I’m convinced the only reason why he allowed David Miliband to become our Foreign Secretary in the first place was just so that he could dispense with him on the grounds that he has held this senior and important position and still, nobody knows who he is, and even the ones that may have some inkling of familiarity are not overly persuaded. Which is hardly surprising when you look at the behaviour of our Prime Minister.
David Owen, a previous Labour Foreign Secretary, stated that he was heartened to witness the fact that Gordon Brown had brought David Miliband with him on his first trip over to America as Prime Minister. And that this could be seen as evidence that Gordon Brown was showing reassuringly un-hubristic behaviour.
I say.
If anything, it was our very first inkling of the shape of things to come.
The reason he took him with him?
So that could stamp all over any possibility of a repeat of a Jack Straw-eskque (you may have noticed, I have no clue how to spell that, but oh well) show involving our Foreign Secretary getting to ‘make love’ to Condoleezza Rice all over the White House lawn, exchanging stolen, adoring glances as they courageously battle the demanding, braying journalist mob. Good grief, he couldn’t possibly have allowed something like to have occurred, way, way too much publicity for David Miliband. God, if he’d have allowed something as extreme as that our Foreign Secretary may actually be a known quantity by now - and worse, he may actually be liked, as well. Something needed to be done. ‘Take him with me, all the interest will then, obviously, be in me, he’ll just get ignored, carry on like this and then he’ll just be expected to go away. Job done’.
One slight issue, this is what he’s been going in for quite a few years now. Any sniff of Labour heavy weight beginning to take shape and they have been appropriately dispensed with. And the Labour Party is left with the obvious end result. A diminished, enfeebled, demeaned and practically non-existent Labour government in the minds of the average electorate. I’m sure that seemed like a good idea during the summer, nobody being able to conjure up so much as an idea about who exactly is the Labour government apart from Gordon Brown. Doesn’t’t seem too canny a conniving, underhand, arrogant an idea now, though, does it?
Young David Miliband though. It’s the exact same scenario, only reversed with him. Physically he may seem slight (I’ve managed to be all briefly touched by the flame myself and he’s not as all little and skinny as he looks on the telly!) he hasn’t bothered affecting any of his bosses brooding machismo. Doesn’t do disgust and hate fuelled aggression across the dispatch box. Isn’t able to viciously bitchslap an opposition M.P into submission (well, isn’t able to if the M.P in question in male, a female M.P? another matter altogether but I’ll just leave that little 'issue' aside, for the moment). On the face of it, the superficial, surface perception that people seem to be going off about David Miliband - he’s being judged weak. Not substantial enough to be Foreign Secretary. But I would say, no, actually, this is the exact same unthinking response which successfully hid how frail and feeble Gordon Brown actually is and how dramatically un-Alpha Male-ish Alastair Cambell so clearly was. The actual person that David Miliband is - let’s all look further than those little, skinny, comically puny looking legs. David Miliband is a very strong, sure of himself, certain and definite politician. An academic with an impressive intellect at his disposal. A person with a genuinely ethical, driven, thoughtful nature.
The labour party is just as weakly foolish as GB if they’re not aware of his worth.
But this is where the Labour Party is at, right now. Gordon Brown will continue to abolish any symptom of a blossoming Labour talent, for fear they may make known he’s not the only relevant Labour figure. Are they all going to allow themselves to be led by the nose by him? I fear so.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

karlskirche -vienna

karlskirch -vienna

this is the pamphlet you get, i don't suppose you can read the website:


if there happens to be anyone that wants to donate to the upkeep of the church.

Karlskirche - Vienna, and it's take your breath away magnificence.

This is the Karlskirche - an awesome, stunning and magnificent church in Vienna. Standing directly in front of it is a humbling and, sorry, going to use the same word again, magnificent experience. Vienna's magnificence took my breath away, again and again and again. And how very civilised they all are. Cyclists absolutely everywhere, not a single one of them ploughing through a red light, not one attempted pedestrian annihilation. It all only served to remind me - we really have become a barbaric and uncivilised lot here. Younger English males have allowed themselves to become brutally misogynistic. The contrast between Viennese society and our own still laddish lot was fairly stark. i think i'll go away and spend some more time fantasying about pulling myself one of those good looking (and my god, there was a more than abundant supply of these) intelligent and ever so sophist' Viennese male to flirt and fawn over in their stunning city.
(as i commented to Chap Sticks on his blog, he was recounting his weekends all really rather civilised tale. I contrasted it with my own:
bumping into an ex' at the supermarket and being informed that he's still up for a jump.
so just not the same

Wednesday, 14 November 2007

presbyterian scottish mind control

thanks arnold.
yes, we are subject to a form of presbyterian scottish mind control. handed down via a compliant, obedient, controlling and covetous media. . . . .
or, maybe i should become re-acquainted with my meds.
On the subject of which:
Funny, the Daily Mail didn’t seem very interested in posting my comment on their site in response to an article based on the Nuffield report yesterday.

I’m not sure whether this is the Daily Mail doing Gordon
Brown’s bidding or whether you are genuinely just not
making the connection. A few well placed criticism’s of
the government, a pointed retort by a health minister and
the job’s a good ‘un? Possibly, if the British public were
predominantly made up of human being’s with the I.Q of
a dog. Lord Krebs, merely a concerned expert in the effects
of alcohol acting independently of the government? Lord Krebs
has been specifically commissioned by Gordon Brown to come
to the exact conclusion he has come to for reasons that I write
about on my blog:

So - it would appear, the Daily Mail - still ‘On Presbyterian Message’.

this is in response to flipc - he commented that we've basically been a nation of piss heads for quite some time now.

hello to flipc
actually, the last 500 years? I come over all English gung ho' patriotic with every new report/attack.
Our streets filled with terrible, culturally un-evolved English people falling over in a pissed up stupor? We're merely reconnecting with our wild, pagan past. Or, at least, I think that was my last slurred excuse issued from which ever lamp post I was clinging onto just before I fell into . . . . .
Oh, I mean, sensibly discussed at a dinner party of dentists.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

hello to arnold - i've been trying to find (well, half-heartedly trying) the bbc poll.

thanks for the comment. just been having a quick shifty over the bbc site and google using the key words - and not a lot coming up. info' on where the bbc poll is, please?
thanks again. bye